The Phoenix Worldwide Church of God

Welcome to our website!

We are a community of Christ-centered believers providing a safe haven of Biblical instruction for people of diverse backgrounds who embrace service which honors God.

Our weekly services usually begin on Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. (please refer to the announcements page for any schedule changes).  Light refreshments follow at 4 p.m. Services are typically held weekly at The Camelback Seventh Day Adventist campus in Classroom 2 at:

                                        5902 East Camelback Road                                                                                                                   Phoenix, AZ 85058

The Phoenix Worldwide Church of God exists to provide Biblically-based instruction in God's way of life and spiritual refreshment through observances and activities that promote prayer, service to others, praise and worship to God as we obey God and manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit.